9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price

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Product Description

9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod PriceWe provide stainless steel round bars in all metrics & sizes, as per your requirement. Not only Stainless steel round bar, we also provide a bright round bar which is used in various Industries such as Aircraft sections, making of Valves, and components of Petrochemicals. The stainless steel round bar is also used in nuclear Industries as well. The in-house stainless steel round bars manufacturers at Delong Metal manufactures stainless steel round bar in various grades such as 303, 304, 316, 321, 410, 420 and 431.

Stainless steel round bar manufacturer of Delong Metal are known for providing the best services to their clients making us as one of the major stainless steel round bar suppliers in the world today. So ever looking for stainless steel round bar, then we at Delong Metal are always available for you.
9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price
DescriptionStainless Steel Round Bar
StandardASTM A276, A484, A479, A580, A582, JIS G4303, JIS G4311, DIN 1654-5,DIN 17440,GB/T 1220
Material304,304L,309S,310S,316,316L,316Ti,317,317L,321,201, 202,410,420,430,etc
Length6m,5.8m,12m or as required
Theoretical Weight(kg/m)Diameter(mm)x Diameter(mm) x 0.00623
TechniquesCold Drawn, Hot Rolled, Grinding, Forged, Centerless Grinding
Applicationchemical industry, shipping industry, manufacturing industry,  construction,decorate Industry, electric power, pump shafts, sanitary wares ,furniture handles,boiler, high temperature  resistant,low temperature resistant, corrosion resistant.
MOQ1 ton
Supply Ability5000 tons / month
Lead Time7-15 working days after the receipt of 30% deposit
Payment Terms30%T/T Advance + 70% Balance
Price TermsFOB, CFR, CIF, EXW
PackingStandard sea-worthy package or as required
Main Grades 
Stainless Steel Round Bar
300 Series Stainless Steel Grades301, 302, 303, 304/L, 304H, 309/S, 310/S, 316/L/Ti, 317/L, 321/H, 347/H
400 Series Stainless Steel Grades409/L, 410, 416, 420, 440C, 430, 431
Duplex Stainless Steel Series2205, 2507
Super Alloy Series904L, 17-4PH, 17-7PH,F51, F55, 253MA, 254SMO, Alloy C276, N08367, N08926, Monel400, Inconel625, Inconel718
StandardASTM A276, A484, A564, A581, A582, EN 10272, JIS4303, JIS G 431, JIS G 4311 and JIS G 4318
Tolerance for Cold Drawn Round Bar      
Size(mm)Tolerance Rank
3 ~ 60~-0.0180~-0.0300~-0.0480~-0.0750~-0.120~-0.18
6 ~ 100~-0.0220~-0.0360~-0.0580~-0.0900~-0.150~-0.22
10 ~ 180~-0.0270~-0.0430~-0.0700~-0.110~-0.180~-0.27
18 ~ 300~-0.0330~-0.0520~-0.0840~-0.130~-0.210~-0.33
30 ~ 500~-0.0390~-0.0620~-0.100~-0.160~-0.250~-0.39
50 ~ 800~-0.0460~-0.0740~-0.120~-0.190~-0.300~-0.46
Bar Grade Data Sheets 
The chart below gives brief descriptions of the more popular grades of Stainless Steel round bar.
303303 grade represents the optimum in machining among the austenitic stainless steels. It is primarily used when production involves extensive machining. 303 is available in Improved Machining grade with machining characteristics significantly higher than that of the standard 303.
Data Sheet (264 kb)
304304 grade is dual certified as grade 304 and 304L. Grade 304 is the standard "18/8" stainless. It has excellent forming and welding characteristics. Grade 304L, the low carbon version of 304, does not require post-weld annealing and so is extensively used in heavy gauge components. 304 is available in Improved Machining grade with machinability significantly higher than that of the standard 304.
Data Sheet (248 kb)
316316 grade is dual certified as grade 316 and 316L. 316 is the standard molybdenum-bearing stainless steel, second in importance to 304 amongst the austenitic stainless steels. The molybdenum gives 316 better overall corrosion resistant properties than Grade 304, particularly higher resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride environments. It has excellent forming and welding characteristics. 316 is available in Improved Machining grade with machinability significantly higher than that of the standard 316.
Data Sheet (249 kb)
420420 grade can be hardened by quench-and-temper heat treatment. It contains a minimum of 12 per cent chromium, just sufficient to give corrosion resistance properties. It has good ductility in the annealed condition but is capable of being hardened up to Rockwell Hardness 50HRC, the highest hardness of the 12 per cent chromium grades. Its best corrosion resistance is achieved when the metal is hardened and surface ground or polished. 420 is available in Improved Machining grade with machinability significantly higher than that of the standard 420.
Data Sheet (243 kb)
431431 grade is a heat treatable martensitic, nickel-bearing grade has the best corrosion resistance properties of all the martensitic grades. It has excellent tensile and torque strength, and good toughness, making it ideally suited to shafting and bolt applications. It can be hardened to approximately 40HRC. Because of its high yield strength, this grade is not readily cold worked and is therefore not recommended for use in operations such as cold heading, bending, deep drawing or spinning. 431 is available as in Improved Machining grade with machinability significantly higher than that of the standard 431.
Data Sheet (242 kb)
22052205 grade is the most widely used duplex (ferritic/austenitic) stainless steel grade. It finds applications due to both excellent corrosion resistance and high strength.
Data Sheet (240 kb)
UR52N+UR52N+ grade is one of a group of "super duplex" grades, combining high strength with exceptional corrosion resistance. The addition of copper to this grade gives it greatly improved resistance to strong reducing acids, particularly sulphuric acid. UR52N+ is also very highly resistant to pitting/crevice corrosion in high chloride, hot environments. Its duplex structure also results in excellent resistance to stress corrosion cracking.
Data Sheet (269 kb)
Grades of stainless steel
TypeGradeGradeChemical Component %
202SUS202≤0.1517.00-19.004.00-6.007.50-10.00≤0.060≤0.030 ≤1.00-≤0.25-
3011.4310 ≤0.1516.00-18.006.00-8.00≤2.00≤0.045≤0.030-≤1.00-≤0.10-
303seY1Cr18Ni9Se≤0.1517.00-19.008.00-10.00≤2.00≤0.20≤0.030-≤1.00--Se 0.15
3471.4550 ≤0.0817.00-19.009.00-12.00≤2.00≤0.045≤0.030-≤1.00--Nb≥10*C%-1.10
xm-19Nitronic50≤0.0620.50-23.5011.50-13.504.0-6.0≤0.045≤0.0301.50-3.00≤1.00-0.2-0.4Nb:0.10-0.30    V:0.10-0.30
904LN08904≤0.0219.0-23.023.0-28.04.0-5.0≤0.045≤0.035 ≤1.00 0.1Cu:1.0-2.0
3291.4460 ≤0.0823.00-28.002.00-5.00≤1.00≤0.040≤0.0301.00-2.00≤0.75-- 
Ferrite409S40900≤0.0310.50-11.700.5≤1.00≤0.040≤0.020-≤1.00-≤0.030Ti6(C+N)~0.50     Nb:0.17
PH63017-4PH≤0.0715.00-17.503.00-5.00≤1.00≤0.035≤0.030-≤1.003.00-5.00-Nb 0.15-0.45
63117-7PH≤0.0916.00-18.006.50-7.50≤1.00≤0.035≤0.030-≤1.00≤0.50-Al 0.75-1.50
63215-5PH≤0.0914.00-16.003.50-5.50≤1.00≤0.040≤0.0302.00-3.00≤1.002.5-4.5-Al 0.75-1.50
9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price9mm 12mm Ss Welding Rod Stainless Steel Rod Iron Rod Price

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